Support for current school board | Letter

This letter is in support of the current School Board; I ask readers to vote for the incumbents in the upcoming election.

Board members hold varied opinions on school issues and listen to differing opinions from community members; nevertheless, they are able to come to consensus and make considered decisions that keep the District moving forward.

I deeply appreciate the Board’s working as partners with administrators, teachers, and staff. All of us serve students in different capacities, and ours is a supportive Board that is clear about its role in school policies and finances.

Lopez Island has a unique school culture: a challenging academic program, a wide variety of electives, three different alternative programs, international travel (including trips to France, Quebec, Nicaragua, Japan, and China), numerous athletic programs and an internationally known Garden Program. State auditors routinely comment on how trim, fit and healthy our students are, which is a result of participation in sports and healthy foods in the cafeteria.

Many Board members support students in ways beyond their duties on the Board, as mentors, tutors, and teachers. Their interest in students’ well-rounded development is made apparent by their attendance at sports events, Shakespeare and one-act plays, Winter Arts Nights, Senior Presentations, post-travel and service presentations, and Open House.

The next few years are critical to Lopez Island Schools: we are aligning curriculum with Common Core Requirements, adapting to a complex new evaluation process, and preparing students for new state examinations. Our School Board is well versed in all these requirements, and supports administration and staff in our work to implement them. School staff will need their knowledge and experience as we move forward.

Elizabeth Simpson

Lopez Island