Save our clinic | Letter

We more often come in the back door of Lopez Clinic than the main entrance. Whichever door you use to enter the clinic, having a clinic on Lopez is vital to our community. We transport patients to the clinic for on-site care and work with the clinic to arrange the transfer of a patient to off-island services. Lopez Clinic is integral to the care we provide. We have seen patients and families struggle with the costs and logistics when patients must go off island for medical services. If there is no clinic on Lopez, these costs in dollars, time, and stress will increase.

We appreciate the effort the Catherine Washburn Memorial Association has put into finding viable, longer term solutions. We trust CWMA’s informed opinion regarding the need for a hospital district on Lopez. We trust the judgment of fellow members of our community who will serve as commissioners for the hospital district as they integrate the needs and concerns of our community with options available to the clinic. We encourage you to vote YES for the Lopez Hospital District.

Our support is based upon years of service to our community and represents our individual opinions. This is not a statement from the Lopez Fire District.

Sally Reeve, Liz Malinoff, Terry Marshall, Janis Miltenberger, Suzanne Berry and Donna Hasbrouck

Lopez EMTs