Response to ‘The Buzz about EMF’ article | Letter

Although Madrona Murphy and Russel Barsh presented measurements of EMF/RF made informally on Lopez, they neglected to help us understand their relative value.  The natural radiation of the earth is 0.000,001 microwatts/m2. Thus the ambient measurement of Lopez Village, at .1 microwatts/m2,  is 100,000 times greater than that of the earth.

According to Dr. Henry Lai, PHD  Bio-Physicist at the UW, there are now over 2,000 peer reviewed studies  finding harmful biological effects from non-thermal EMF/RF at very low-Intensity exposure  (lower than 0.1microwatt/m2).

Here are three:

0.00034 uW/cm2 : Chronic exposure to pulsed RF significantly reduced sperm count. Behari, 2006.

0.0006 – 0.0128 uW/cm2 : Fatigue, depressive tendency, sleeping disorders, concentration difficulties, and cardio-vascular problems were reported. Oberfeld, 2004.

0.006 – 0.01 uW/cm2 : Increased stress hormones; dopamine levels substantially decreased; higher levels of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline; produced chronic physiological stress in cells even after 1.5 years. Buchner, 2012 (for more go to: and

SJCFST measured Lopez Village finding similar readings. However, when a computer was turned on using wireless six feet from the meter,  measurements jumped to  as high as 1500 microwatts/m2. (1 billion, five hundred thousand times greater than the background radiation.  One wonders what would the measurements be with multiple computers, inside a classroom?

Why is the FCC and  the EPA not monitoring/ measuring  this and  cell tower emissions? Why is this information not causing a public health alert? In May 2011 the WHO declared EMF/RF a possible Class 2B carcinogen.

San Juan Citizens for Safe Technology urge you to  use caution when dealing with low level, non thermal EMF/RF. Use a wired computer connection whenever possible, turn off your Wifi router at night, turn down the amplitude on your Wifi router (so it does not reach outside, your neighbors, frogs, birds and the bee’s), don’t keep your cellphone turned on, in your pocket or tucked in your bra strap, and don’t use pesticides. For more information go to:

Julienne Battalia    LOPEZ ISLAND