Response to Kovac | Letter

Dan Kovac’s claim that Lopez School enrollment is falling is absolutely not true. Looking to ACTUAL numbers (not the budget estimates Dan used), Lopez School District enrollment has grown from 204 students in October of 2011, to 232 students in 2012, to 235 students today (look up the actuals on the OSPI website).

The cost per student has absolutely nothing to do with the bond. The bond is a capital fund used for buildings and can never be used for teaching, texts, utilities and other per student expenses. Lopez cost per student cannot be compared to large schools who have efficiencies of size. So when compared to Washington State’s 12 rural, small schools, Lopez is merely above average due largely to our inefficient utilities and high maintenance costs.

Regarding the content of the bond, we know there are 7 million dollars in repairs alone that must be made. The septic system is ancient and failing, plumbing and electrical need overhauling, and the siding on the elementary is crumbling among many other items. These are not optional. The school is offering tours. Please take one.

It is true the district had issues in its financial operations a year ago – issues that the District discovered, promptly reported, and fixed. The school board is searching for new district leadership with more financial experience. The current school board is a hard working, skilled group of our neighbors and friends who have the best interests of the children and taxpayers in the forefront of their planning. Vote for this bond. Our school is essential to this community.

Kirm and Lexi Taylor

Lopez Island