Response to fire chief column | Letter

Before retiring, I was an open heart surgical assistant and research assistant in a prominent heart research center, so I have the background to say the following:  The death Mr. Ghiglione cites in his recent article, while tragic, was not necessarily due to a five-minute lapse in treatment. Some heart attacks result in instant death where nothing could have changed the outcome. The other incident had cell reception and did not occur 200 yards farther down the road where that was a potential issue.  One death that may not have preventable and one hypothetical problem over the years is a record we should all be proud of.  Our E.R. services have been done a tremendous job, sometimes in less than ideal conditions. However, I do agree all should be done to close the five-minute lapse.

That being said, the 15-year-old plan we are implementing may be outdated. According to a recent Bloomberg news story, Elon Musk and Google have done the financing, permits and regulation compliance to install 630 small satellites circling the Earth giving world high-speed internet and cell phones.  This large, global effort is better equipped to absorb the cost and provide service to remote areas like Lopez.  Unfortunately, OPALCO is committed to these potentially outdates upgrades, despite the potential cell tower health hazards and contentiousness.

Let’s not confuse E.R. cell tower capabilities with high speed optic internet services and poor handling of the latter by OPALCO.  “No one else would do it” is not good enough.  There were other options. There always are.  My biggest concerns are outrageous electric charges and the eventual collapse of OPALCO because of poor financial decisions.

Joyce Renfrow

Lopez Island