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Gregg Blomberg’s recent blurb contra Growlers is full of good cheer:

1) As an old shoemaker, I enjoyed his metaphor that, because of increased population in  San Juan County, the noise “doesn’t fit”:  Presumably Gregg’s aural distress would be significantly mitigated were the population magically restored to that of 60 years ago.  Considering the general world over population, this would be a noble undertaking  and Greg could begin by telling his grandchildren they can’t  have any.

2)  As an old shoemaker I heartily endorse his proposal that we drop shoes instead of bombs on our enemies. Just think what this would do for us shoemakers! Not only that, but our cost of maintaining the PAX (not pox) Americana for the past century would have been negligible.

I could go on and point out that authority comes from right reason, not the other way ‘round, and that the cost of moving the “Naval” base to Nevada, together with the concurrent loss of a major section of the Oak Harbor business community, may, in fact, swing counterweight to Gregg’s annoyance at a total of, say ten, minutes per day at a 70Db level sted the usual quiet Lopezian 35.

I could also go on and point out that the more robust epistemological procedure is to SEEK  contravening evidence,  but I will refrain, and limit my comments to those appropriate to an old shoemaker.   Confucius says that it is a waste of time to oppose false doctrines, one  only harms oneself:  I may be a fool to do it, but would be a cad not to.

P.S. Winston Churchill, in the preface to the last volume of  his History of WWII:

“Thus the great democracies  triumphed over the forces of Totalitarianism, and so were able to resume those follies that had so nearly cost them their lives”

J.M. Schultz

Lopez Island