Questions about water district | Letter

I just saw a sign about the MacKaye Harbor Water District project today.

I went to the Journal’s website. When I clicked the search items for legal notices regarding the Mackaye Harbor Water District Proposal the links are blank. It seems strange that notice was given, if indeed notice there was, in this paper instead of the Island’s Weekly, distributed to every Lopez home.

It is vital that those potentially effected have access to the legal notices and any documents about this proposal. I would like to know the extent of the project and where they are drawing the water from. Why no articles in the Weekly? No meetings with neighbors? Water is a rare and valuable resource here in the islands and this is “an investor owned business” – ie. out for profit not public good.

Unfortunately the County Council has already approved putting this proposal on the County-wide ballot. With that imprimatur, it seems likely the project will slide through other County approval processes while those effected know little about it.

I have officially requested of Jamie Stephens a public meeting and hearing be held here on Lopez with an informational piece in the Weekly prior and notices sent to every household in the MacKaye Harbor area before any further action is taken on their proposal.

Barbara Keller

Lopez Island