Opposition to County Prop.1 | Letter

I am writing to oppose San Juan County Proposition 1. This Proposition is an attempt to run around what the voters decided last year on how to change the charter. Last year’s vote on changing the Charter (our form of county government) has already brought the County closer together and Council meetings are running more smoothly. Currently, we have the right to elect freeholders every ten years who suggest changes to the voters for the Charter. This is a reasonable way to do government. With the County Proposition 1, citizens are expected to study certain changes to the Charter every year. Most voters are not going to do this. We have other things on our minds, and once every ten years is enough.  But a few people with an ax to grind want to foist their upset upon the rest of us.  The proponents call this a small change, but it is not. Please vote “No” and let us get on with our lives.

Rhea Miller

Lopez Island