OPALCO, clean up this mess | Letter

Thank you OPALCO for placing a huge strain on some of us and destroying the trust in “our” co-op for many of us. I sometimes feel Enron didn’t die, it has returned as a Phoenix rising out of the Salish Sea.

First off, I find the comparison with our electrical rates with buying a car misleading.

One buys a car based on options, whether it’s new, used, the type, the price of car and whether it will be paid by cash or loan. Furthermore the loan rate is fixed for the term of the loan. With OPALCO one has NO options and NO control (it is a monopoly and we are stuck with its way of doing business).

Several years ago we were told conservation and personal generation were important. Now, because of conservation and personal energy generation, the co-op is losing money, which facilitates a massive change in the portion of our bill on which we have absolutely no control. A tiered rate was not considered which, I think in reality increases more conservation thereby less income for OPALCO. This sounds as if there is either massive deception and/or poor management.

We are told we have the lowest rate in the country. Again, more deception as the base charge is omitted from the comment. Seattle City Light has a floating base with a typical charge of $4.35 per month Houston Texas has a fixed base of $4.95 per month.

One can readily see our rates are off the charts compared to other parts of the country.

Despite the researched and reasonable questions posed by some especially Chom Greacen OPALCO has yet to reply.

OPALCO simply does not care. This only adds to the charge of lack of transparency by this co-op.

As far as the PAL program goes, the huge increase in the rate has placed an undue burden on us.

Giving to the PAL program, in our eyes, provides a release mechanism for the co-op thereby reducing the pressure on it. They created this mess, they should clean it up!

Jack Pedigo

Lopez Island