Keep our clinic | Letter

I’m going to vote to keep our clinic. My mama Dottie was the same age I am now when my father died. Her children insisted she should come to live with one of us so that she would not be isolated from the medical and social support she would be needing. (You who knew Dottie can see her lips tightening, and her eyes flashing!) Mama refused, saying she had more efficient means of getting help than any of us did. She was right! The clinic was there for her, and the life flight helicopter could get her to a hospital in less time that it would take an ambulance to get through our urban traffic. Mama Dottie used and supported the Clinic all the years she lived here.

I support our award-winning library and our socially-responsible dump. I support our students and our school, even without any direct benefit to myself. The clinic deserves my support too! The clinic is one of the rocks in Lopez’ foundation, an integral part of the many organizations here that, working together, make Lopez such an attractive, supportive, place to live. Count me among the many Lopezians who hope that we will leave this island horizontally!

Ginger Lowell

Lopez Island