Isn’t there a fireworks ban? | Letter

I THOUGHT there is a law against fireworks in San Juan County. Am I wrong?

Saturday night July 5 and the fire crackers and bottle rockets in my neighborhood are creating such chaos in our Westview Apartments. I am the manager, and I have elderly, sickly and some have terrified pets. I mean a dog that is screaming in terror. My own dog is shaking and trying to hide. I hear another upstairs scrambling to find a safe haven, It breaks one’s heart to see such terror and to feel helpless to comfort or stop it or to prevent it. My love for Lopez has always been the quiet and safety. But not this time of year. So – why the law against fire works?

We pet owners tranquilize our pets for the 4, and did not expect or want to do it a second time. So a dutiful call to 911 nets me another phone number that no one answers. At 11:30 p.m., it stops—finally. And I hear the noise all over the island. So—do we have a law? Not sure, but I thought that was what I read.

But – since no one enforces the speed limits either, I guess I should not be surprised. 90 percent of the traffic on this stretch of road is speeding. I have said we could pay a deputy’s wages just writing tickets on Lopez Road. Letters to the Sheriff, this one and the last one gets you zip.  A letter to the Commissioner got me zip too. So – any suggestions fellow Lopezians?

Joy Davis

Lopez Island