Hospital district tax and donations

a miracle. Thank you, Zack. My house and I are forever grateful. You are my hero!!

Asha Lela

Lopez Island

Hospital district tax and donations

Dear CWMA, We now have a new taxing authority, the Public Health District “PHD”, The new tax on everyone’s land on Lopez Island property owners is $.75 per $1,000 of accessed value for every landowner. that levy raises $600,000 to $750,000 of new taxes every year with the right to increase it.

Example: If you own a home worth $300,000 you will pay an additional $225 a year in new taxes, a million dollar homeowner will pay $750 more a year. Rent will also increase on the island.

CWMA has about 3 million dollars in cash. Why do you have to help fund the PHD? Is this a arms length transaction, approved and documented in the board minutes? PHD is less than 6 months old? Who was responsible for setting and managing the budget? What other funding needs that have not been disclosed by PHD will we see in the near future involving CWMA? Like the fire department for EMT? What are the goals, role and/or mission of CWMA vs. PHD? Why should the public support both?

Why did you help buy a private physical therapy business that is losing money? PHD has disclosed it will have to borrow $500,000 to get by for the next 5 years!

The ink on the levy election is barely dry and all the new tax money is gone?

STOP taking more of the citizens’ money until the public is informed of your future monetary plans. Further, what does the proforma detailed budget look like for the next 5 years? Can you demonstrate your ability to manage and control the costs of this large amount of money? You have a fiduciary responsibility to do this.

Citizens for Affordable Island Living

Lopez Island