Henriksen for port commissioner | Letters

We are enthusiastically supporting Paul Henriksen for Lopez Port Commissioner. Paul is not only well qualified for the position, he also brings extensive experience in actually getting things done within our community. He has served in many capacities over the years on Lopez where his common sense approach to solving problems and addressing needs have enabled him to contribute to positive solutions for our Island. He also has extensive experience in managing budgets big and small, including the multimillion-dollar capital campaign that enabled Camp Nor’wester to relocate to Johns Island from Sperry Peninsula. His years of experience have honed his ability to listen and work with people and agencies to achieve positive outcomes for our community and it’s one of his greatest assets.

Paul has no personal agenda in running for Port Commissioner other than to serve, as he’s done so many times over the years. The false accusation that he is running to use the Port to facilitate the public trail beach access via the Land Bank’s recent purchase is completely false and a total non-issue. The Land Bank has stated publicly that they already have legal and physical access via Meadow Lane Road to the property. Therefore any disagreement regarding this access would be between the property owners and the Land Bank, the Port has no involvement whatsoever in this issue, now or in the future.

For Paul, it’s not just a campaign slogan that he will represent everyone in our community. He is eager to listen to residents as to their needs and ideas and then work towards finding additional ways the Port can be a positive force for our community. He is not for spending valuable taxpayer money on pie-in-the-sky projects that could result in higher taxes and/or a continual drain on Port assets. Instead, you can trust Paul to take a realistic approach to enhancing the economic health and stability of the Port, as well as our community. He will make sure that all tax dollars are spent in a responsible and sustaining manner for projects that can truly create real economic development and provide responsible solutions for both the current and future needs of our community.

Paul will also do an excellent job as commissioner in managing our airport, clearly understanding the basic needs of the airport without wasting money on unnecessary expenses. He understands the necessity of safely maintaining our airport for use by our emergency transport services, as well as the many users who contribute to the economic life of our community.

We are fortunate that Paul has stepped up to run as Lopez Port Commissioner! Please visit his website at www.PaulForPort.com for more information and please join us in voting for Paul Henriksen for Lopez Port Commissioner!

Charlie and Verna Walker

Lopez Island