Helding for Lopez School Board | Letter

I am writing in support of John Helding for Lopez School Board. I have known John for many years and I greatly respect his intelligence, humor, compassion and determination.

I attended several of the meetings on the school bond issue last year. I was impressed by the thorough research that the school board had done in preparing the bond measure for submission to the island population. John was the one who explained what the options were, what had been taken into consideration, what the breakdown of costs would be and how this would impact our island and our kids.

I found his explanations to be cogent, thoughtful and well-grounded in facts. He exhibited a comprehensive knowledge of the proposals and was able to address many different questions and concerns with specific and articulate answers.

I believe that he will bring this approach to all issues coming before the school board. I urge you to vote for John to continue this good work.

Mary Wondra

Lopez Island