Hats off to the pharmacy | Letter

Three cheers and a chorus of hallelujahs for the immediate, outstanding and far beyond the call of duty actions of Rick and Marge McCoy of our community Pharmacy. Rick responded instantly, positively and with flexibility to my post-hospitalization after hours need for medications on the night of July 18. He even phoned back with concern about a potential allergy, which had been tested in the hospital, and waited at the Lopez Island Pharmacy with the meds for my  husband Bill Clemens to appear hours after dinner, on a day the pharmacy was closed.

I am so grateful for these pharmacists and their personal care and attention. I cannot imagine what my fate would have been had we not ignored and refused the constant badgering from our prescription plan to abandon the local pharmacy and go with a distant mail-order company—whose prices were not even lower! Please tell Rick and Marge how grateful you are to have them as our community pharmacists, and please, as we did, tell your mail-order pharmacy hawkers to go fly a kite. These are the people who care about your life.

Micki Ryan

Lopez Island