Greacen for school board | Letter

I first remember Chris Greacen as a child – playing in the woods near School Road. Later, after he graduated from Lopez high school and before attending UC Berkeley, Chris volunteered at Coho – the second neighborhood developed by Lopez Community Land Trust. Chris was fearless on the roofs and a quick study.

I knew him as a brainiac – a deeply intelligent person. I was impressed that he was equally adept with his hands and willing to give so much of his precious summer to our project. Over the last 10 years I’ve gotten to know Chris.

What I have come to know: Chris has integrity, He is as compassionate as he is analytical. He applies critical thinking to problems that to some, seem insurmountable. He is a deeply committed father, a wonderful husband to Chom and a good friend to Rhea and me. Chris is loyal, thoughtful, curious and generous – I watch as he juggles the demands of his work, balances his family life and yet still shows up to volunteer. He is light hearted and fair even when facing tough issues. Chris is a good listener. I can see his attraction to serving on the school board both because he is devoted to his own children receiving a good education and also because he is firmly committed to the broader community of children.

He loves teaching – I have gained so much from being in meetings with Chris as he describes the inner workings of a solar panel or the global financial markets that influence the drop in prices. I am envious that the school gets to have Chris as a board member – I along with others can only wish Chris would serve on our boards.

I am voting for Chris not because he is a perfect person (though darn close) but because he is willing to learn and grow and serve the school community with a sense of humility. How fortunate we are to have someone of this caliber to serve.

I encourage everyone to vote for Chris Greacen for Lopez School Board.

Sandy Bishop

Lopez Island