Concerns about SJC deputy | Letters

We have a right to expect our law enforcement personal to have good judgment and be reasonable neighbors not merely automatons. Felix Menjivar, is by his own words a law enforcement zealot. We see almost daily examples where police have run amok. History is full of “authorities” using the law as an excuse for excess. The letter of the law aside a good cop will inspire respect more than fear.

I believe Felix having his hand on his gun was a serious threat and totally unacceptable in the circumstances he was faced with on Christmas Eve. A policeman needs to be cool and steady. Being out of control is a potential danger and inspires an out of control and escalated response.

Menjivar needs to find a job sorting beans or something where there really is a black and white. Dealing with people as a deputy is not a job he is suited for despite his zeal to get us to behave.

Gregg Blomberg

Lopez Island