Chris Greacen for school board | Letters

I have had both working and personal relationships with Chris Greacen and his family over the last several years. Chris is one of the smartest and most humble people I have met. He and I have served together for several years on the Education Foundation, the organization that raises money for teachers at our school. He is a team player and is excellent at problem-solving and compromise. His knowledge of current technology is daunting, and he has helped some of us who are not as savvy without making us feel like the antiques some of us are.

His family is warm and tight and it’s encouraging to spend time with them. He knows how to engage kids in activities that are not always screen-based, but pluck at their humor and inventiveness. His values are about the welfare of people, especially kids and he is committed to making their education more imaginative, more interesting, and more relevant in today’s sometimes confusing world.

I cannot imagine a better candidate for school board.

Lexi Taylor

Lopez Island