Adams for Port | Letter

A safe and well managed Lopez Airport contributes immeasurably to the quality of life on the island. It’s easy to take for granted, but closer analysis identifies all the benefits it provides.

Medical evacuations, be they Life Flight, or Navy, can operate out of the airport when adverse weather makes using the pad at the Clinic an impossibility. This was demonstrated at 1 a.m. Sunday, August 30,  when a Navy helicopter, operating into Lopez Airport, medevaced a man in critical condition during a violent windstorm. Local pilots fly people safely and quickly to the mainland for births or other timely medical issues. Commercial airlines as well as off-island private pilots use the airport resulting in more dollars for the Lopez economy. Overnight mail or critically needed parts arrive via the airport.

With this in mind, the Lopez Airport, as managed by the Port of Lopez, must continue to provide a safe aviation environment and be economically sustainable. Steve Adams is uniquely qualified to make this happen. In his four years as  a Port Commissioner, he has analyzed problems seeking the best and most fiscally sound long term solutions. Using leadership skills acquired as an educator, businessman, Fire Commissioner, and County Planning Commissioner, he has sought a balance that is so important in a diverse community like ours. His supporters across the political spectrum demonstrate his ability to seek pragmatic solutions, rather than force a political agenda that may not apply. My experience as a  professional pilot in the Navy and airlines for thirty-five years makes me confident that Steve has the aviation experience to prioritize the safety issues that need immediate attention (like high trees in the approach path), versus “nice to have” improvements that could be put off based on available funding.

Steve Adam’s demonstrated interest in the Lopez community, knowledge of aviation issues, and experience in management and leadership, make him an ideal candidate to return as Port Commissioner.

I hope you will join me in voting for Steve Adams this November.

Michael J. McReynolds