Adams for commissioner | Letter

We have known Steve in a number of different capacities since we moved to Lopez in 2003.  Since long before that time, Steve has been serving Lopez in more ways than we can count – as a schoolteacher, a firefighter, a member of the County Planning Commission and most recently, as a Lopez port commissioner.

As a port commissioner, as in his other roles, Steve has contributed not only his time and intelligence, but a deep knowledge of the Lopez community, an open mind, and an ability to work collaboratively with diverse viewpoints in order to solve problems that inevitably arise in public service in a small community.   In addition, as a licensed pilot, Steve brings a special expertise to matters involving the Lopez Airport operations.

These attributes do not make Steve an “insider” as claimed by his opponent.  Rather, they are proof of his dedication to the Lopez community and his qualifications for the job of port commissioner.

We too have served on many boards and committees on Lopez and in our experience it is critical that members be able to work closely and respectfully together, despite their differences, to solve problems through consensus.  It is not enough, and is in fact often detrimental, to just point out possible problems and try to impose one’s own view of a different course of action on others.  Steve understands this well, and has demonstrated his willingness to put in the time and energy necessary to work well with others on difficult issues in order to achieve practical and long term progress.

If you have questions about specific issues the Port of Lopez is addressing, we urge you to visit Steve’s website, including the FAQ page, for a thorough and thoughtful discussion of these issues.

We are voting for Steve and hope you will too.

Todd Goldsmith and Diane Dear