Building for the future | Football preview

  • Wed Sep 18th, 2013 7:21pm
  • Sports
Back row: Mike Hobi

Back row: Mike Hobi

By Deanna Brant

Special to the Weekly

The 2013 Lobo Football team has been busy building. Not houses or cars or machines, instead they’ve been busy building their football program.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Larry Berg, they began with spring practice at the end of last school year, even before last year’s senior class (which made up nearly one-third of the team) had graduated.

Spring led to summer and the team continued to build with strength training and conditioning at Island Body and Fitness, where student athletes are offered a discount for keeping their grades up at school.

Rising before the sun came up, even the team manager and coaching staff joined in to build stronger bodies and a more unified team. Some team members attended football camps together over the summer, building on their ever growing knowledge base and returned home ready to share what they’d learned with the rest of their team.

When the time came for fall practice to finally begin, the team was ready. Stronger physically, better conditioned, and with new players to add to the roster the team has the opportunity to continue to build on the successes of past Lobo football teams, while building for the future as well.