Best Online Psychic Reading Websites by Top Service Providers

At times, we yearn for a touch of assurance in our lives. We ponder whether our loved one is truly “The One!” or if we’ve landed our dream job, made the right life choices, or sought greater clarity about ourselves. It’s that slight insight we crave before committing to our decisions. If you’ve ever experienced uncertainty dealing with the crossroads of life, take solace that you’re not alone.

The world of online psychic readings has experienced a remarkable transformation in recent years, with many platforms offering services catering to spiritual guidance and insight seekers. While the internet is teeming with options, finding the best online psychic reading services can be a game-changer in your quest for meaningful answers and enlightenment. Here are some of the benefits of discovering high-quality services in this ever-expanding realm:

The Top 8 Best Online Psychic Service Providers in 2023

  • Kasamba: One Of The Oldest Platforms In The Market
  • Keen: A Powerful Psychic Reading Site Through Phone and Live Chat
  • MysticSense: The Modern Platform With Excellent Filtering Capabilities!
  • AskNow: The Preferred Platform For Readings Over The Phone
  • Oranum: The Psychic Reading That Gives You A Real In-Person Feel
  • Purple Garden: The Psychic Reading Mobile App
  • California Psychics: The premier choice for Tarot Card Reading
  • Psychic Source: The Preferred Platform For Financial Questions

What is a Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings are a profound practice that taps into the realms of intuition and extrasensory perception to provide insight, guidance, and illumination into various aspects of life.

Through tarot card readings, astrology consultations, or mediumship sessions, psychics offer a window into a person’s past, present, or future. The benefits of psychic readings are multifaceted. Firstly, they can bring clarity and understanding to perplexing situations, helping individuals make informed decisions. Psychic readings also validate one’s intuition and provide a sense of confirmation and trust in one’s inner wisdom. Moreover, these readings can offer emotional healing and closure, mainly when dealing with grief or challenging life transitions.

Additionally, they serve as a compass, offering direction and guidance in navigating life’s complex choices. Lastly, psychic readings often foster a profound sense of connection by enabling communication with departed loved ones, bringing solace and reassurance. In essence, psychic readings offer a rich tapestry of benefits, empowering individuals to navigate life’s journey with deeper insight and wisdom.

The vast expanse of the internet is brimming with countless websites, making it difficult to discern which ones are worth your time and investment. In response, we’ve compiled a carefully curated list of eight top online psychics who consistently deliver accurate readings. Not all websites are created equal, and the quality of advisors can vary significantly.

Some platforms meticulously vet their psychic readers and consultants, reflecting their higher rates. We understand the concern that ill-advised guidance can lead astray. That’s why we’ve invested time and effort into researching what constitutes a reputable platform for psychic consultations. We’ve deciphered the qualities of an exceptional website for psychic readings and identified those that offer free minutes or discounted rates. When it comes time to make your choice, you can be confident that you’re making an informed decision by finding the best psychics from one of these reputable platforms. We’ve shouldered the research burden for you, ensuring your quest for spiritual insight is met with trust and authenticity.



For more than 20 years, Kasamba has been committed to providing quality online psychic readings via different methods such as email consultation, phone calls, and even live chat to help its clients live a better life of love and bliss.

Founded in 1999, Kasamba offers a variety of psychic reading methods like Tarot Cards, Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Dream Interpretation, and more spiritual tools to guide their clients to questions and circumstances they are facing.

Over the years, they have served more than a million clients, and many have left rave reviews and insights on their psychics and what they have to say.

Not sure where to start?

Kasamba offers a list of their top psychic readers from around the world, and you can get the first 3 minutes for free with the psychic consultant of your choice. It’s an excellent way to experience the psychic expert of choice, too.

In summary:

Kasamba is an established company with over 20 years in business for psychic readers.

You can choose from over 89 psychic readers to consult, from Tarot card reading, Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Dream Interpretation, and more spiritual tools.

Every psychic reader has write-ups about their services offered and reviews.

The consultation price starts at USD$1/minute, and you can get the first 3 minutes for free!



In operation for over 20 years, Keen is a very mature psychic reading platform with many positive mentions in various publishers like Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Bustle, and Refinery 29.

Keen provides various services conducted by phone calls or live chat, and they have a solid psychic reading community of over 1700 people for you to select from.

Keen offers psychic readings in different categories like love life readings, tarot readings, spiritual readings, angel card readings, aura cleansing, chakra cleansing, astrology readings, relationship numerology, and cartomancy readings.

Some hard-to-find categories are offered in Keen, such as Mayan Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Pet Psychics, and more. You really can find it all in Keen.

Once you have identified a psychic reader, getting onto the consultation is as simple as picking up the phone, clicking to chat, or scheduling a later session with your psychic reader.

To get started on Keen, you can have a free 3-minute consultation with the psychic reader of your choice. This gives you the chance to see what Keen has to offer. On top of that, Keen offers one of the lowest price rates for a 10-minute consultation at only $1.99. This is a great way to try one or more psychic readers on Keen.

In summary:

A very seasoned company in continuous operations for over 20 years.

Specialized in psychic reading by both phone calls and live chat.

Psychic readers offer rare consulting areas, including Mayan Astrology, Vedic Astrology, and more.



Need a prediction for a life event?

Maybe you want to understand if it’s the right time to decide.

MysticSense offers psychic reading services through Astrology, Tarot Reading, Spiritual Reading, and love reading to those who need answers about their current, past, and future relationships.

MysticSense’s website offers a more modern design, making it stand out better than other platforms.

You can easily browse through the many psychic readers on the platform, filter through the type of readings you would prefer, and find out the schedule of the individual psychic readers too.

Psychic reading on MysticSense is very flexible.

Prefer to have a phone call instead of an email?

Maybe a live chat works the best for you?

You can choose the preferred consultation method.

In summary:

MysticSense offers a more organized filtering system that allows you to search for psychic readers by their tools, availability, price range, and more.

In addition, it also shows a psychic’s availability in your local time zone, which sets it apart from its competitors. You will not miss the schedule due to complicated time zone conversions!

MysticSense understands user needs and offers a comprehensive money-back guarantee for their consultations. You can find out more about their refund policy on their website.

Are you looking for a free trial? MysticSense offers the first 5 minutes for free, which you can split between different psychic readers before deciding which psychic reader you’d like to explore further.



Founded in 2005, AskNow offers psychic readings across a broad spectrum, encompassing areas such as interpersonal relationships, career guidance, Astrology, financial matters, dream interpretation, exploration of past lives, interactions with guardian angels, and heart and soul issues.

Within AskNow, you can quickly locate a psychic reader specializing in your area of interest. What sets AskNow apart is its predominant use of phone calls and live chat for consultations, provided in English and Spanish. Furthermore, AskNow’s psychic reader profiles are notably more comprehensive than other platforms.

Are you curious about a psychic reader’s tenure with AskNow or their zodiac sign? This information is readily available on their profile. Explore the directory for detailed information about psychic readers, including indicators for top-rated Elite and Master Advisors.

For those new to AskNow’s services, an enticing offer exists. You can sign up for an initial 15-minute consultation for just USD$10, and when you consult with one of their Master Advisors, you’ll receive an additional 5 minutes free.

Recognizing the significance of customer satisfaction, AskNow assures you that if you feel your initial psychic reader isn’t a suitable match, you can conclude the session and contact their Customer Service. They will provide you with credits for up to 5 minutes to connect with a better-matched advisor.

In summary:

AskNow has been in operation since 2005, focusing on offering psychic reading through phone calls and live chat in English and Spanish!

All psychic readers are rigorously screened to ensure that the psychic’s readers are qualified and authentic.

AskNow offers consultations specializing in love and relationships, money and finance, career and goals, tarot readers, spiritual guides, Numerology, Astrology, Past Lives, and Dream Analysis.

For first-time clients, you can get an introductory offer of 15 minutes at only USD$10, with a bonus of additional 5 minutes with the Master Advisor of your choice!



Oranum sets itself apart from the conventional online psychic reading experience by centering its services around live video chat sessions for all psychic consultations.

For over a decade, Oranum has been a trusted source for individuals seeking clarity, offering a diverse array of Psychics, Astrologers, and spiritual experts.

Oranum’s comprehensive psychic reading services cover a broad spectrum, including matters of love and relationships, tarot card insights, dream interpretation, astrology, palmistry, spiritual guidance, rituals, energy work, and guidance on issues related to home and family.

Beyond these conventional offerings, Oranum’s psychic readings extend to unique specialties like Sound Healing, Clairvoyance, Numerology, Eastern practices, and much more, addressing aspects that might be challenging to find elsewhere.

Concerned that English isn’t your primary language? Worry not! Oranum boasts a multilingual team of psychic readers proficient in languages such as German, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and even Chinese.

Oranum’s distinctive feature lies in its live video chat format, allowing you to engage with your chosen psychic reader through sight and sound during the live session. This immersive approach enhances the personalization of your psychic reading, offering more visual cues and enabling the psychic reader to observe your environment. However, you can withhold your live video feed during the reading if you prefer anonymity.

Unlike platforms that offer only a brief initial consultation, Oranum goes a step further by permitting you to chat with a psychic reader before committing any funds. Additionally, all new users receive a generous $9.99 credit upon signing up and validating their credit card on the platform.

In summary:

Oranum offers a different psychic reading experience, focusing on live video chats, offering you a richer and more comprehensive reading experience.

On top of English, they offer multiple other language options for the psychic reading experience.

Oranum offers a wide array of psychic reading and harder-to-find services in Eastern techniques.

Purple Garden


Coming from the makers of Purple Ocean and Bitwine, Purple Garden differs from other psychic reading platforms – it offers a reading app that focuses exclusively on Live psychic reading.

If you’re looking for live video calls, chat sessions, or voice calls, welcome to the world of Purple Garden.

Even though Purple Garden is one of the new players in the psychic reading industry, it has acquired a strong army of over 3,000 psychic readers.

Purple Garden specializes in ordering Tarot Card Readings, Dream Analysis, Astrology, Numerology, Palm Reading, Horoscope, and Oracle guidance.

English is not your native language?

Purple Garden also offers psychic reading in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Russian, and more.

Looking for a particular psychic can be challenging. Purple Garden addresses this concern by helping you filter through the list of psychic readers by their qualifications, training, expertise, skills, and experience. You can filter them by their service channel – phone, video, or live chat.

Regarding pricing, Purple Garden offers a competitive consultation rate starting at USD$1/minute. As a first-time user, you can also opt for free psychic reading online with your chosen expert. You will also get up to $10 credit free with each purchase.

A note of caution: Purple Garden does not offer a money-back guarantee for their psychic reading.

In summary:

Purple Garden offers instant and immediate psychic reading through Android and iOS.

Over 3,000 psychic readers are available, offering readings in various services and languages.

Psychic Reading prices are competitive and start at $1/minute.

Other Note-Worthy Psychic Reading Platforms

Psychic Source


Since 1989, Psychic Source has been the authority in the financial and career category for millions of people. While offering the standard range of psychic readings, many people have benefitted dramatically in achieving financial stability and career progression.

Have a question in these areas? Psychic Source would be your best choice!

California Psychics


California Psychics has become a household name for its Tarot Reading on various subjects, including career growth, finances, spiritual healing, education, and more.

California Psychic Readers can offer expert consultation and support to uncover alternative options and help attract the right solutions.

How to Find The Best Online Psychic Service Providers

Now that you have a variety of platforms you can choose from for your online psychic reading session, it is a good starting point, and we would also like to offer you some advice to find the best online psychic for your needs.

Finding a psychic is much like finding any other services or products, just like getting a specialist for consultation or a lawyer when it comes to legal practices.

Also, contrary to popular belief, the best psychic reader others recommend may not be the best for you. So here are some tips we have to help you on this journey!

Decide Why You Want a Psychic Reading

This is tricky, and you need to be honest with yourself about what you are looking for.

A person goes for a psychic reading for many reasons – is it a love-related matter? Or maybe you are looking to go through some challenges in life currently?

Having a clear expectation right at the start will help give you the clarity you need and help you meet the right psychic.

Consider Signing Up for Free Minutes or Sessions

Most of the platforms we recommend provide special offers and free trials. Taking advantage of these special deals can help you save a lot of money, but that’s not the main reason you should.

A free trial will give you some idea and an overall feel of what you can expect from the psychic’s service. That way, you can know if you are comfortable with the process and if the psychic can meet your needs.

Feel the vibe, find that synchronization, and get the rhythm. These are some things that you want to look for first. That’s the most crucial element you need to look into.

If the psychic insists that you’ll need to make multiple purchases to get the best of the session or even suggest that you are cursed right from the start, that’s a clear sign that this is not the psychic for you.

Which Contact Method Do You Prefer?

There are multiple ways available to conduct an online psychic reading session.

Do you prefer a video chat session?

Maybe that’s too intimate, so how about a voice call?

Although a video chat is the standard way of communication and arguably the best approach for more accurate results, it does not have to be the only way. For starters, online psychic reading sessions can be achieved through questions submitted through email correspondence. You can have the initial discussion and assess if the psychic chosen works the best for you.

The best psychics can give you a comprehensive and in-depth reading, whether they can see you. However, your expression, physical changes, body language, and more can help explain your assignments more concisely.

Which Type Of Psychic Reading Do You Prefer?

There are numerous psychic reading methods. The traditional ones would be tarot card reading, horoscopes, and love reading; nowadays, you might even see things like Feng Shui, Bazi, Astrology, and more.

Is there one psychic reading that appeals to you more? Or maybe you want to find something more unconventional to address your questions?

You must communicate with the psychic reader you have engaged. We need to understand that different psychics are blessed with different skills and are usually significant in one over other methods. Keep this in mind when selecting the best psychic reader before approaching them.

Find Out Reviews About The Psychic Reader Before Engaging Them

Like reading customer feedback about products before purchasing on Amazon, most psychic reading services we recommend offer reviews and customer feedback.

Apart from the psychic’s basic profile, reading reviews is the next best thing that allows you to have a clue of how the other clients see the psychic, and that can give you an in-depth idea of what the client experienced from the psychic you shortlisted.

Now, there will always be the question: Should I go with someone with many years of experience, or should I go with a new psychic?

There are psychic practitioners with experiences as long as 50 years!

Some are also very talented and skilled with less experience.

The absence of years of experience makes their insights less valuable compared to those long in the market. Each has its unique appeal, and more importantly, it is that you feel comfortable in their presence.

Ask the Right Questions, And Be Prepared To Listen

This is likely the trickiest part about psychic reading. Psychic readers are less likely to help you if your questions are close-ended by nature – “yes, or no.”

Instead, ask constructive questions like, “Where is this decision I make taking me to?

Here’s something you need to understand. A psychic reader cannot control what is being conveyed because they are a medium connected to the divinity or the other realm.

So, let the psychic guide you through the session; even if the direction of the conversation seems to change over the course, it’s what they sense or something they saw that makes them converse in that direction.

You might be very tempted to steer the conversation and give specific instructions to the psychic reader. Be the listener. Finally, it is recommended that you have a notebook to take notes of your session. Most of the time, you might not fully grasp what the psychic wishes to convey.

Taking notes will allow you to gain new insights that you might have otherwise dismissed or overlooked.

Now, you might be tempted to record the session over video. It is only fitting to get permission from the psychic reader first.

Best Online Psychic Service Providers in 2023 Conclusion

In conclusion, online psychic services have evolved significantly in recent years, offering seekers diverse options to explore their spiritual questions, gain insights into their lives, and find clarity. Our exploration of the best online psychic service providers in 2023 has revealed a dynamic landscape where each platform brings its unique strengths and specialties.

Whether you seek the convenience of phone and chat-based readings, as exemplified by AskNow, or the immersive experience of live video chats with psychic readers, as offered by Oranum, there’s a service tailored to your preferences. The extensive array of psychic abilities, from tarot readings to astrology, dream interpretation to numerology, ensures you can find an advisor who resonates with your needs.

Moreover, the commitment to multilingual support, as seen in Oranum’s language offerings, ensures accessibility for a global audience. Additionally, the emphasis on customer satisfaction, with options for personalized consultations and credits for unsatisfactory experiences, underscores the dedication of these platforms to providing value to their users.

Ultimately, the best online psychic service provider for you will depend on your unique requirements, whether it’s the mode of communication, the expertise you seek, or the language you are most comfortable with. It’s heartening to see these platforms continuously innovating and evolving to meet the diverse needs of their users, offering a world of spiritual guidance at our fingertips.

As one of the many conveniences in life that the World Wide Web has brought, online psychic reading is now more easily accessible than ever.

While direct interaction with the psychic is all cool and fun, the fact that the session can be conducted in the comfort and safety of your home makes the session much more assuring and appealing. Not only can you access professionals from your home, but you can also reach professional psychics internationally.

We hope this guide has provided you with an excellent ground to find a psychic reader of your choice.

Spiritual readings offer myriad options and possibilities, encouraging people to see things from multiple perspectives. Your personal goals and desires will determine the outcome of the consultation session; at the same time, it also liberates you from the limitations of what you think, believe, and choose.


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