Why we march for climate | Guest Column

Submitted by Friends of the San Juans

On April 29, millions of people will march for climate action in 250 cities across the world. San Juan County is no exception. Join Friends of the San Juans at noon at the courthouse in Friday Harbor.

Climate change appears as this daunting global issue, but the good news is that individual, local and regional actions are contributing to a system-wide solution. Here in the San Juan Islands, we can do our part to ensure our children and grandchildren have a future full of promise.

There is a cost to San Juan Islanders’ health, food security and lifestyle if we do not begin the transition to cleaner actions now. Here are some of the issues we face: Increased storm surges and sea level rise with impacts on low-lying properties, roads and other infrastructure. Ocean acidification and its impact on Washington’s shellfish industry. Warming oceans and impacts upon local fisheries. Disruptions in our water and food supplies. Increased allergies and asthma impacts from pollen more months out of the year. We hope you will join the climate march and solutions fair at the courthouse to help us promote: Harnessing local renewable energy sources. Increasing electric vehicle use. Supporting local growers and innovations to increase food security. Ensuring the San Juan County Comprehensive Plan includes climate resiliency strategies. Funding investments in our communities, people and environment to transition to a new clean and renewable energy economy that works for all. We look forward to seeing our community come together for climate action on April 29.

Climate March Organizing Team: Kai Sanburn, Lopez; Robert Gerfy, Lopez; Gretchen Allison, San Juan; Katie Fleming, San Juan; Sarah Severn, San Juan; Sandra Kersten Chalk, San Juan; Tom Munsey, San Juan; Stephanie Buffum, Shaw; Marguerite Greening, Orcas; Mark Mayer, Orcas; Michael Riordan, Orcas.