To the American Legion | Guest Column

To the American Legion and to who it may concern;

Sorry folks, I always had good thoughts about the American Legion, but now I feel differently. Your survey tells much more about how you define “American Values” than anything else. I have nothing against veterans, most of them still living were victims of unnecessary wars, in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. These wars caused much more than just our losses, in innocent people and in environmental damage. Well, God is on our side, right? What nonsense.

I wish I could feel great about America. I was born just before the beginning of WW11, the last fully justified war. We have lost our way. Freedom? Democracy? We live in an oligarchy the way dictated by uber-rich corporations, the military-industrial complex and way too many misguided citizens. In the face of this, In the face of this, America right or wrong is complete nonsense.

It seems to me our next war may be a revolution caused by the “American Taliban.” That is what I call the Republican party of today. The Republicans under Trump have trashed the party. They don’t care about democracy as is shown by how hard, and openly they are working to change voting laws to make it more difficult for people in Black, Hispanic and Democratic-leaning districts to vote. They also do not care about Human Rights when they would force a 31-year-old girl to birth her rapist father’s child. This is America How bad can it get? Do women not have full human rights? The Supreme Court has been transformed from an independent source of Justice to another political wing of the Republican party.

Your survey shows you want to allow prayers in public schools as long as it is not required that all students participate. How about Muslim prayers? Satanist prayers? Have you ever heard of the separation of church and state? You folks are obviously all lined up with Right Wing ideals.

Does that include all veterans or just those who agree with you, who do you serve?

Your survey is an embarrassment. You have treated your supporters like children. You need new leadership; the American Legion is adrift without a rudder.

This letter is signed by

Gregg Blomberg, an American who would hold America to its highest and best ideals to a full and realized democracy to the rights of all people and to the rights of the natural world.

Lopez Island