Spring brings possibilities | Reporter’s Notebook

There’s no denying Spring has come to the San Juans. And, just like the weather, things are starting to heat up. Your Islands’ Weekly paper is no exception.

Now that we’re beginning to see a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, there’s a renewed sense of possibilities and, as the Weekly’s ad rep for Lopez, I wanted to let you know of possibilities on the horizon.

In a few weeks we’ll be publishing our annual Home & Garden section with helpful hints on planting, pruning, home renovation and remodeling – ideas for inside and outside the home! It is an eight-page section inserted into all three island papers – The Journal (San Juan), the Sounder (Orcas) and the Islands’ Weekly, and a perfect vehicle to advertise your gardening, landscaping, construction, remodeling, house cleaning or home maintenance business or service. If you haven’t yet booked your ad, now’s the time to call.

In mid-May, Springtide will be distributed, on and off island, to introduce visitors to the beauty and businesses of the San Juans. Each publication delivers your message to a wider audience, and without a lot of effort.

If you’ve advertised with us before, we’ll likely have a digital copy of the ad and can run it again; just let us know if it needs updating. If this is your first time considering the island’s papers as an important part of your advertising, we’ll make the process as easy as possible. Promise.

I don’t need to tell you that these past 12 months have been rough! Everyone has felt the sting of lost business from the pandemic. Your local newspapers are no exception. Together, however, we can rebuild. Call me and let’s work within your budget to remind the communities, and our visitors, of the strength and tenacity of islanders.

Every single day I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to be living in the San Juans. From my first visit to Orcas in August 2017, I knew the islands were where I would live out my years, and ultimately write the book that’s busting to be written. Before moving here, I worked more than a dozen years for a large southeastern newspaper where I did a stint as a neighborhood reporter, writing about the community where I lived. That assignment taught me of the vital importance of local journalism; how it can chronicle the vitality of a community; keep neighbors in touch with friends and foe alike; and be a source of discourse and economic stimulation.

If you haven’t heard from me yet, please reach out with a call or an email with your interest. You can find both my phone number, extension and email in the masthead at the bottom of this page. I’m thrilled with the opportunity to get to know Lopez better, shine a light on its business community and put together affordable advertising opportunities that work.

I look forward to meeting you.