Looking forward toward a new year | Editorial

By Weekly staff

What a decade 2020 has been. It’s become an annual tradition at your island newspapers to ask readers what their goals and resolutions are for the upcoming new year. Now that 2020 is nearly in our rearview, there’s so much to look forward to in the coming year. Here are some of the replies we received about readers’ plans, hopes, dreams and goals for 2021.

• For probably the hundredth time, my partner and I have both decided to eat healthier and work out more. We know it’s a common resolution — one that is often either never started or dropped entirely. But now, we live with each other and will hopefully be able to encourage one another along our way to health and happiness.

• There are a few things that resonate and call to me for the New Year: Community care is self-care. Our interconnectedness is unavoidable. Community care is one of our deepest resources and beautiful responsibility. No one is free till we are all free. I am holding that I will see, hear and be open to the opportunity of transformation when answers to my deepest questions are provided.

• I would love to be better about sending cards to friends throughout the year. I have to collect updated addresses!

• 2020 felt like a lesson in slowing down and being grateful for what I have and where I’m at. While I hope 2021 brings lots of positive changes for everyone, I am going to try and carry forward everything I learned in 2020 and appreciate the important lessons it gave us.

• Floss (my teeth, not the dance move) and meditate every day.

• More art, more writing, more meditation, more time being grateful for all that I have, more time spend hugging and kissing friends and family (kisses are the best business) and of course new ways of thinking.