Library COVID protocol story corrections | Letter to the Editor

Although I agree with the overall discussion about the thought processes described in this article, I want to offer a few corrections.

— My last name is spelled Heikkinen, though Heinniken is one of the more interesting misspellings I’ve seen.

— The only poll of Orcas Island Library staff members that I know of is one I conducted informally this summer. As of June 24, only one staff member favored mandatory vaccination for paid staff and volunteers. Of course, since then it’s possible that opinions have changed.

— I had been thinking ahead to retirement for over a year before making the decision to retire on September 30, after 17 (and 17 days!) as Orcas Island Library Director, so would not at all characterize this as an early retirement.

While it’s no secret that I did not agree with the policy to mandate vaccinations as a condition of employment, I do not question that everyone involved has been making their best efforts to do what they think is best for the library and community. I have a good feeling about the future of our community library!

Phil Heikkinen

Orcas Island