In favor of coating Watmough Head Road

We have lived on our property on Watmough Head Road for 30 years, property which has been in the family for 100 years.  We have eagerely awaited the seal-coating of the road, which is either in a state of dust, mud, and/or washboard surface.  We have been told for several years that this seal-coating would be done and, in fact, is scheduled for this June.  Much work has been done since January, and money spent, in preparation for the seal-coating.

We regularly drive, walk and bicycle the road, like many other Lopez residents and tourists, and we greatly value and appreciate the unique beauty of our area.  We feel the dusty condition of the road in summer is a health issue matter for those walking or bicycling, and  prevailing winds carry dust far onto our property, where we live full-time. But it is not just a matter of a dusty road ­— mud and/or washboards or potholes make driving and bicycling difficult. The small seal-coated Hughes Bay Road is a good example of seal-coating which has not altered the unique nature of the area.  We residents on the other side of the bay feel we should have the same benefit of good road conditions provided by the county.  The current 25 MPH speed limit signs should include cautions to drivers about the activities on this road — walking, bicycling, vehicles stopping along the road.

We are strongly in favor of completing the seal-coating of Watmough Head Road and encourage people to contact the county in support of this decision.

Eugene and Renee VanDePutte

Lopez Island