Hunting on Lopez | Letter

Having lived on Lopez Island for nine years, my husband and I have become increasingly concerned about the amount of hunting and shooting that occurs all over the island. Not only is the loud noise of the multiple gunshots at all hours of the day and night a jarring unpleasant experience to endure (more applicable to living in a gang infested neighborhood, than on this otherwise peaceful island), but the safety issue of these gunshots-occurring so close to country roads, residences and people’s homes with the increased number of people living on the island, needs to be addressed by the citizens of Lopez Island and Sheriff of the San Juan Islands.

We live in the middle of a 10-acre piece of land that is approximately 600 feet long on each side of the mostly square plot of land. We have visually seen hunters on the adjacent land hunting, shooting and target shooting and live in constant fear that someday a bullet will find and kill a member of our family. It is more likely than you think.

According to my recent research- a bullet of a hunting rifle can travel between .5 to 5 miles (1 mile equals 5280 feet), and bullets of handguns can travel up to 7000 feet. This activity of hunting, shooting, and target shooting on our island is entirely unacceptable and unsafe to engage in with the population currently being what it is, residences so close to each other and county roads adjacent to hunting/shooting grounds. When will the community and police draw the line and outlaw this activity on Lopez Island? After someone is killed?

Nancy Rubow

Lopez Island