Happy holidays | Editorial

By Heather Spaulding


As 2023 lets out a yawn, stretches and begins to put its pajamas on, giving pause to reflect on the tiny moments it shared. Not life-changing but so perfect they make our insides glow.

Like the diamond formations of ice across the surface of the sea in the dead of winter.

The knowing smile between sisters

A perfectly timed eye roll between friends

Staring down a Great Horned owl after being smacked on the head by his talons, his look of sheer indifference

Watching orcas surface letting out a salty breath in one graceful poof

Spotting a pair of pink boots behind rolls of paper towels on the shelf at the grocery store – and the impish whisper “I’m hiding” after the child realized she was caught

The orange glow of August’s blue moon

The clasped aged hands of a couple celebrating their 70h anniversary

A red rose being nervously held at the beginning of a first date

Dancing in the cool night air after a hot summer day

The ebb and flow of drums, flutes and guitars during a jam session and the passion etched on each musician’s face as they play

Turning around on a walk to discover a doe, yards behind, following curiously

Young seals swimming off into a new free life after healing from their childhood traumas

A toddler sinking his feet into a sandy beach for the first time – questions hovering on his lips

These treasures and more, 2023 leaves behind, captured by the camera in our minds, sparkling across the sky.

Happy all the days to all!