Basic Health on the chopping block

Basic Health is going on the chopping block in a special session of the state legislature convening Nov. 28.  Yes, Basic Health has been threatened the last two years, yet this year the situation has become dire.  The governor has ordered that there be $2 billion in budget cuts statewide — and that they need to be drastic, like cutting out entire programs (not just nibbling around the edges as in recent years) in order to take care of the growing financial crisis.

To make matters worse and more complicated, Basic Health is dealing with a huge lawsuit from those members who were dropped in March of this year and who claim lack of adequate notification from this agency regarding the reporting of their legal alien status to Basic Health.  Although this probably is a well-founded and worthy lawsuit, if won by the plaintiffs, reentering or reinstating these people as members will put Basic Health above the total number of members which its budget can currently support (it is already at maximum).

So even if Basic Health is not dissolved by an act of the legislature by the end of this year, it could still collapse if the lawsuit is won by the plaintiffs.

What can we do?  The legislature says that it must hear from us, all of us, if we care about keeping Basic Health afloat.  To be heard, we need to call the following numbers and state precisely what we desire to see happen ASAP – before Nov. 28.

Senator Kevin Ranker —(360) 676-2160


Rep. Khristin Lytton —(360) 676-2105


Rep. Jeff Morris —(360) 588-6227 or (360) 786-7970

As a significant part of the plea to keep Basic Health, we must remember to state that monetary adjustments be made for the following year in order to support the increased membership of Basic Health, if the lawsuit is won.

Thank you for your time and attention given to this urgent and fundamental matter — that of basic health care provision for citizens of this state.


Khorsian Blanc-Ridings

Lopez Island