Anyone can rent Lopez Community Center

Last month Lopez Center demonstrated its value to the island as a venue and gathering place. The Ruth Moody Band and Acrobatic Conundrum performed for sold-out audiences, community organizations and members produced Solar de Mayo, Procession of the Species, Great Pairings, and the Lamb and Wool Festival, to name just a few. Many more events are planned for the season ahead. The center is clearly living up to its mission: to provide something for everyone. See the full listing of upcoming events at

What’s not so well known is how easy and affordable it is to rent Lopez Center for an event.

Who can rent the Center? Just about anyone: Lopez residents, property owners, visitors, nonprofit organizations, and community service groups. It can be rented for community or private use. Lopez Center is available for all, regardless of age, religion, race, sex or sexual orientation.

Lopez center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and is not legally allowed to limit rentals, unless unlawful or hateful activities take place. In addition, for-profit entities are prohibited from raising funds due to a property tax exemption clause that Lopez Center holds.

What does it cost to rent Lopez Center? Fees depend on the type of use: community or private.

Community events are open to and benefit the Lopez community. These events are created by individuals and organizations that provide fun, recreational, entertaining, cultural and educational services to the community. Nonprofit organizations can raise funds during their events.  The basic cost for a community event runs from $25 to $45 per hour, depending on the technical services needed.  There are significant discounts for multiday and weeklong rentals.

Private events are those not covered by the above definition. Most weddings or private parties are in this category. The basic cost range is $55 to $75 per hour.

How do you rent the center? The first step is to go online to and click “Reserve the Center.” Here you’ll find clear instructions as well as detailed information about policies, types of use, rental and equipment fees, and technical packages. Click on the headings to the left of the text for even more information: floor plan, table settings, a wedding section and much more.  The center can be rented up to 12 months in advance.

If you don’t have access to the internet, contact Lopez Center at 468-2203.

In a category all to itself are two uses that do not charge a rental fee. The first are memorials for recent or former Lopez residents. These must be arranged by the family directly with Lopez Center office.

The second type of use that does not charge a rental fee is known as Free Wednesday Mornings and are available only for Lopez residents. The events or classes must be open to the public and are restricted to one hour (including setup and cleanup), for a maximum of four consecutive weeks at a time. No money may exchange hands.

If you have any questions about rentals, want to start a reservation or see the upcoming schedule, please visit our website or stop by the office.