Terry L. Danielsen | Passages

Terry L. Danielsen passed away August 1, 2023, after 80 joyous years. She had managed cancer for 10 years, and it suddenly got the better of her. She was free from pain throughout her illness, and in spite of the nuisance of it, she continued to live with curiosity and a keen interest in the world around her.

Mom was a pretty cool chick. In her earlier years she had gotten dual degrees in Geology and Russian. She worked translating science journals and books from Russian to English. She was also a copy editor of science texts for the publishing firm Wiley & Sons. Later, many of you knew her as the best darn paint mixer at Sunset Builders. Or perhaps you ran into her at Paper Scissors On The Rock, or maybe she did your landscaping for you. Her quick wit and irreverent humor were with her to the end, and she did not suffer or have pain as she passed.

She asked us to tell all of you, the special brand of humans known as Lopezians, that her 34 years on the island were her very happiest, and she was grateful to all of you that gave her such joy.Her genes are still running around the planet in her daughters, grandkids, sister, nephews and niece. And now, she is busy finding out what is next, for she did not worry about such things, and was content to “Let the mystery be.”