Voters are upset over Larsen’s endorsement of Clinton

Voters are upset over Larsen’s endorsement of Clinton

Rep. Rick Larsen has his constituents questioning his choices after a recent endorsement on Facebook from the congressman.

“With your super delegate vote, we expect you to stand with the vast majority of your constituents,” wrote one Washingtonian to Larsen on a social media post. “We will determine, in your next election, who is our best representative.”

On March 24, Larsen, who has long-supported Clinton, reiterated his endorsement for her presidency, stated on Facebook that he believes “she is the best candidate in the race.”

This is a hot button issue because Washington’s Democratic Party will choose it’s presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton entirely by the voting of delegates at each caucus.

And Washington has clearly taken a stance that they want Sanders who won a landslide victory against Hillary Clinton in the democratic caucuses last Saturday. Sanders came out with 72.7 percent of the total and Clinton with just 27.1.

San Juan County mirrored those numbers in an overwhelming support for Sanders.

On the San Juans, 18 individual precinct caucuses were held on seven different islands, with 2,039 in total attendance. Sanders received 1,580 votes, or 77.5 percent of the total, while Clinton received 446, or 21.9 percent.

In April of 2015, Larsen stated in a press release that, “Hillary Clinton knows our country faces great challenges. The economy is recovering, but wages aren’t growing with it. As President, Hillary Clinton will make the investments needed to create jobs and opportunities for all Americans, not just the elite few.”