Volunteers needed for Recovery Rides

Submitted by Recovery Rides.

Recovery Rides is seeking volunteers to join our team of riders and drivers on Orcas, San Juan, and Lopez Island. Our organization was created to increase access to recovery care by providing supportive transportation for islanders struggling with substance abuse problems to and from their off-island treatment appointments.

Since getting off-island can pose a serious challenge for those in need of recovery resources, we as volunteers are committed to being available if and when a client needs our help. That’s why it is Recovery Rides’ goal to have full teams ready to transport our clients 365 days out of the year.

Volunteers would be asked to sign up at least once a month to be on-call as either a driver, someone who transports the client to/from your local ferry terminal, or a rider, someone who accompanies the client to/from their off-island treatment appointment. To show appreciation for volunteers who receive a call, we compensate drivers with a $50 donation to any charity of their choosing, and riders with a cash stipend of $400 plus.

Those interested in volunteering, please email Recovery Rides Support Team Leader, Monique Everett, at rrteamleader@ricorcas.com, or call/text at 360.375.3498. For more information about our program, visit our website at www.ricorcas.com/recoveryrides, and follow us on social media at www.facebook.com/rrincommunity.