View current San Juan County COVID-19 data online

  • Tue Mar 17th, 2020 9:12pm
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Submitted by San Juan County COVID-19 Response Team

While there are currently no positive test results in San Juan County, the San Juan County COVID-19 Response Team has created an online tool for the reporting of current testing numbers. Designed to help share timely information with islanders, this resource will be updated regularly as information changes.

The update page may be found online at Count.

Beginning Thursday, March 12, 2020, numbers will be updated once per day. The following data will be tracked and reported:

1. The number of COVID-19 tests performed.

2. The number of results pending.

3. The number of COVID-19 positive results, by island.

It is important to recognize that these results represent a “snapshot” in time for San Juan County and will not be updated in real-time. Numbers may vary from the Washington Department of Health or other organizations that are also tracking this situation. There may be minor fluctuations and changes as data is verified. Patients may be flown to the mainland, or other situations may cause data to be slow to return to us. The general public may at times become aware of cases before they are officially confirmed or reported on this page. We will make every effort to keep verified information as current as possible but ask for patience and understanding from the community as this is an extremely complex and dynamic situation.

Islanders should be aware that at this time, all local testing is being performed by island healthcare providers with analysis by off-island laboratories. Sometimes there’s a lag before those numbers are reported to the San Juan County Health and Community Services staff. This situation may evolve in weeks to come as more testing capability becomes available.

Please know that San Juan County is committed to providing accurate information while respecting the medical privacy of those who become ill with COVID-19.

For current general information about COVID-19, visit the County info page at