Summer speeders, boat bangups | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

July 21

• A San Juan deputy responded to a report of vandalism to a vehicle. A window on the victim’s RV was shattered by an unknown person sometime in the past week. Evidence was collected.

• A San Juan deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle because the driver had a suspended driver’s license. The driver was issued a citation for operating a motor vehicle without insurance and was given multiple warnings. The report will be sent to the prosecutor’s office.

•A San Juan deputy responded to a request to dispose of unwanted prescription narcotics from a non-ambulatory community member. The collected medicine was submitted to evidence for destruction.

• A Lopez deputy responded to a death investigation call who confirmed that an elderly Lopez citizen had passed away peacefully in their own bed, surrounded by family.

July 22

• A Lopez landowner and farmer discovered that fencing on their pastures had been cut in multiple locations. A suspect was identified and charges will be forwarded to the court.

• An Orcas deputy stopped a driver traveling 37 mph in a 25 mph on Deer Harbor Road and cited them for speeding.

• A San Juan deputy responded to a report of a suspicious person. The deputy found the person on private property and observed they appeared to be under the influence of drugs. The person was told to leave the property as the deputy was unable to contact the property’s residents.

• Orcas deputies conducted a DUI investigation on the Tillikum ferry. A subject was found intoxicated and above the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration and was subsequently arrested.

July 23

• Orcas deputies responded to reports of and safely removed an intoxicated person in the water near Main Street.

• A San Juan deputy responded to a third-party report of a sex offense. The person involved did not wish to report anything.

• A deputy responded to a report of a citizen dispute on San Juan which occurred the night prior. The report will be sent to the prosecutor’s office.

• A San Juan deputy responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle.

• A Lopez deputy responded to a boating call. A suspicious boat was docked for a prolonged period at a private dock on Decatur Island. The boat’s operator was located, asked to relocate the boat, and received citations for several boating violations.

• A deputy on Orcas issued a ticket for violation of San Juan County Code 10.28.010 for mooring at a public landing.

• A San Juan deputy responded to a report of a trespass with assault. The suspect had fled the area. Due to the victim’s description of the suspect’s erratic behavior and possible inability to care for themselves, a K9 track was conducted. The trail abruptly ended at a road indicating the suspect was likely picked up by a vehicle.

July 24

• An Orcas deputy learned of a domestic violence incident that had occurred. An investigation was conducted and the suspect was arrested.

• A Lopez deputy was sent to check on a dog left in a parked car in Lopez Village. The dog was not in distress and the owner returned shortly after the deputy arrived. A discussion about hot cars ensued.

• A Lopez resident turned in a found bank card to a deputy. The owner of the card was contacted and the card was returned to its owner.

• An off-island woman was airlifted to a mainland hospital for evaluation and treatment of injuries after losing control and crashing a moped on Lopez Sound Road. The single-vehicle crash remains under investigation.

• Orcas deputies responded to a person causing a disturbance in the 300 block of Main St. After deputies conducted an investigation, the person who caused the disturbance was issued trespass warning letters for several businesses in the downtown area.

• A Lopez deputy was called to assist a boater with documenting a collision between vessels that occurred within a local marina. Involved parties and witnesses were contacted.

• A San Juan deputy stopped and cited the driver for speeding 56 mph in a posted 45 mph speed zone. The driver was also cited for failing to obtain a Washington State driver’s license, and given a warning for a defective brake light.

• A Lopez resident reported the unauthorized use of a kayak from a Home Owners Association storage area. The matter will be handled within the organization.

• Deputies on Orcas responded to a domestic dispute. The parties were separated on arrival. Neither party alleged any crime had been committed. An informational report was completed.

• A Lopez deputy responded to a harassment call. Upon investigation, the incident was determined to be non-criminal.

• A Lopez resident turned in two found dogs who wandered onto his property. The dogs did not have identification tags.

• A Lopez deputy responded to a citizen assist call. The citizen said a towing service was going to collect her vehicle, which was broken down on the side of the road.

• A Lopez deputy responded to an unwanted person call. The person, who was not wanted at the ferry terminal, boarded a boat and departed for the mainland.

July 25

• A deputy was dispatched to a single-vehicle traffic accident in the San Juan area. The vehicle left the roadway and rolled onto the driver’s side. There were no injuries.

• A deputy stopped and cited a driver for speeding 53 mph in a 35 mph zone on Point Lawrence Road on Orcas.

• An Orcas deputy stopped a driver for a safety belt violation at Orcas Road and Lovers Lane and cited them for the violation and for failing to restrain an infant.

• A deputy on Orcas stopped and cited a driver for speeding, 39 mph in a 25 mph zone on Deer Harbor Road.

• Deputies on Orcas responded to a domestic dispute. After an investigation, it was determined to be a verbal-only argument between a mother and her juvenile son.

• San Juan deputies responded to a 911 hangup call. When contact was made with the calling party no crime was found.

July 26

• A person on San Juan reported that someone had violated a protection order and pre-trial release conditions. Deputies took a report and forwarded it to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

• A Lopez deputy was called about a non-injury boating collision that occurred at James Island on July 22. A boating accident report was provided to the requesting party and a report was for insurance purposes.

• A deputy on Orcas responded to a fraud call in Eastsound. The victim was contacted over Facebook and spoke with the suspect over a few months. The victim sent money, and later realized it was a scam.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a single-vehicle collision. The collision occurred in a parking lot and involved damage to private property. The property owner stated they had come to an agreement on damages.

• Along with Orcas Fire & Rescue, an Orcas deputy to a wildland fire in the Eastsound area. It was extinguished.

• A deputy was dispatched to check on a domestic disturbance in Friday Harbor. The involved parties were contacted, no crime had been committed and an informational report was filed.

July 27

• A San Juan deputy responded to a report of threats and determined no crime had occurred.

• A Lopez deputy responded to a residence after EMS requested assistance with a potentially dangerous patient who refused medical care.

• A San Juan deputy was flagged down about a medical problem. The patient was stable, and the deputy was able to safely transport the patient to the hospital.