SHARK REEF Deadline is December 31

Don’t forget 2010’s upcoming Christmas Bird Count.

Don’t forget 2010’s upcoming Christmas Bird Count.

The deadline for submitting writing and/or visual art to SHARK REEF’s spring 2010 issue is December 31, 2009. We welcome submissions from anyone who lives in the islands or has ever visited here.

SHARK REEF endeavors to give voice to serious writers who have made a true commitment to work hard to produce original writing of high quality. We are particularly passionate about publishing the work of the “common man and woman” whose writing emerges from first-hand experience.

As all evaluation of art is subjective, we make no bones about the fact that our selections are informed by our own tastes, whims, and fancies and invite you to submit your best work.

Please check our submission guidelines at If you were published in the fall 2009 issue, we ask that you skip one issue before submitting again. We’re eager to read your work. Send it out and write on.