San Juan County COVID case update

Submitted by San Juan County.

Since the last update on Friday, March 25, there have been 10 new confirmed or probable cases in San Juan County. The current case count is now 1275.

LOPEZ ISLAND: There are no new cases on Lopez Island since the last update.

ORCAS ISLAND: There are 3 new cases on Orcas Island since the last update.

SAN JUAN ISLAND: There are 7 new cases on San Juan Island since the last update.


FDA and CDC have recently approved second boosters (of either Moderna or Pfizer) for the following individuals (must have received the first booster at least four months previous):

Anyone age 50 or older.

Anyone age 12 or older who is significantly immunocompromised (discuss with your health care provider if unsure).

Anyone who received a primary and booster dose of the J&J vaccine at least four months previous.


-The science is still incomplete, so please continue to stay tuned, but based on what we know now, here’s our current thinking on second boosters:

1. If you are significantly immunocompromised, get the second booster.

2. If you are over 65, you may want to get it.

3. If you are over 50 and healthy, you’re likely fine with one booster but you should make your decision based on your own sense of well-being and possibly with input from your health care provider.


San Juan County Health and Community Services will have a limited number of appointments for vaccinations available at clinics in April and are currently working on scheduling large vaccination sites for the end of April to accommodate higher demand. Watch for appointment sign-ups at

-Check with your local healthcare provider or pharmacy for availability.


The pandemic is not over, we are just entering a new phase. Islanders should feel comfortable getting out and gathering without fear, but also should not fully let their guard down. Some things to keep in mind:

Get vaccinated. If you haven’t completed your primary series or booster dose, it’s really the single most effective way to stay healthy.

Stay home if you are sick. If you need to go out, even if your symptoms are mild, please mask up.

Test if you’re symptomatic or are interacting in large groups or with high-risk individuals. Test kits are readily available for free at or at local and online retailers. If you have any symptoms, or you are going to visit anyone who is at high risk, test yourself, and if positive follow guidance to limit spread.

Wear a face-covering around others if you are unsure about your status or are planning to be in a crowded indoor space.

If you are high risk or unable to be vaccinated, there are preventative monoclonal antibody treatments available. Talk to your doctor about how to access these treatments should you test positive.

After more than two years of struggle, we now have all the tools readily available to minimize the impact of this pandemic on our daily lives. The question going forward is whether we willingly take the steps needed to keep COVID at bay.


This will be the final weekly update for now. Islanders may continue to monitor current case numbers at: If cases increase dramatically or the situation requires the sharing of more detailed information with our island community, updates will be reinstated.