San Juan County Announces Beginning of Road Striping

Submitted by San Juan County’s Public Works Department.

San Juan County’s Public Works Department is announcing its annual summer road striping schedule beginning on Monday, Aug. 21 and lasting approximately several weeks. Pavement markings, including centerlines, shoulder markings, arrows, and more, are critical features of any safe and effective roadway, and it takes routine maintenance to ensure that these markings are clear, visible, and accurate. Find the 2023 Road Striping Maps here:

Sections of roads to be striped this summer:

San Juan Island: Roche Harbor Road, Rouleau Road, Limestone Point Road, Yacht Haven Road, West Valley Road, Mitchell Bay Road, West Side Road, Egg Lake Road, Beaverton Valley Road, Boyce Road, Wold Road, San Juan Valley Road, Douglas Road, Bailer Hill Road, Little Road, Pear Point Road, Turn Point Road, Mullis Street, Argyle Ave., Golf Course Road, Cattle Point Road

Lopez Island: MacKaye Harbor Road, Mud Bay Road, Center Road, Dill Road, Ferry Road, Lopez Road, Weeks Road, Hummel Lake Road, Tower Drive, Village Road, Washburn Place.

Orcas Island: Killbrew Lake Road, Orcas Road, Deer Harbor Road, Channel Road, Crow Valley Road, McNallie Lane, West Beach Road, Enchanted Forest Road, Lovers Lane, Main Street, Crescent Beach Drive, North Beach Road, Madrona Street, A Street, Prune Alley, School Road, Buckhorn Road, Terrill Beach Road, Olga Road, Rosario Road, Point Lawrence Road, Obstruction Pass Road.

Shaw Island: Neck Point Road, Blind Bay Road

Striping is expected to begin on San Juan Island, then move to other islands over several weeks. This schedule is dependent on weather and other factors and may be subject to change. San Juan County asks drivers to exercise caution when traveling through construction zones and to plan extra time for their commute in case of delays.

Remember, please drive slowly on freshly painted roads:

For their safety: you are driving through an active construction zone – obey flaggers and posted traffic signs.

For your safety: don’t drive on freshly painted lines as doing so may splash paint on your vehicle. Though quick-drying paint is used, it does take a few minutes to completely dry on the roads. Note: The paint used is water soluble and will come off your car with soap and water or will wear off.

It’s your road: paint is clearer and lasts longer when vehicle speeds are reduced while paint dries.

Wear and tear are natural for paint that experiences regular traffic, harsh weather, and use by multi-ton vehicles. San Juan County develops and maintains a multi-year plan to preserve roads in the most cost-effective way and uses best practices to help keep rides smooth and safe for drivers.