Raccoon raid retaliation, peculiar patron, music mutiny | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls:

June 21

• A deputy responded to a report of a protection order violation in Eastsound. Deputies are investigating it and wrote a report.

• A deputy conducted a welfare check on Orcas Island. Everything was okay and a report was written.

• A deputy responded to a Lopez Island residence for a potential overdose involving a juvenile. A counselor was called and a follow-up plan was made. It was determined that the juvenile was not an immediate danger to self or others.

June 22

• San Juan deputies responded to a report of shots fired. A male told deputies he shot a raccoon that had gotten into his garbage and attacked him.

• A Friday Harbor store owner reported a theft. Records show the suspect is from Mt. Vernon. A report was taken and a probable cause statement will be prepared so an arrest warrant can be issued.

• A wanted person was seen at the Carter Avenue ball fields in Friday Harbor. He was contacted in the restroom and fought with deputies, then arrested and booked into jail, pending a court hearing.

• A Lopez deputy responded to a business about a subject making bizarre statements. The subject was contacted and found not to be a danger.

• A Lopez deputy was notified that a car window had been broken at Spencer Spit State Park. A report was taken.

• A Lopez Island deputy stopped a motorist on Fisherman Bay Road for speeding and issued a ticket.

• A deputy issued a citation to a motorist in Friday Harbor for using a cell phone while driving.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a report of a derelict sailboat on a trailer parked illegally at Obstruction Pass. A possible owner was determined.

• A deputy received a report from a Lopez Island resident of a found dingy. The owner was located and made arrangements to have it towed back to Friday Harbor.

June 23

• A wallet was turned into dispatch in Friday Harbor, but there is no owner information.

• A vehicle was stopped and cited for speeding on Orcas at 53 mph in a posted 40 mph zone.

• An Orcas deputy pulled over a driver who failed to brake at a stop sign and issued the driver an infraction.

• An Orcas deputy stopped a driver for speeding 62 mph in a posted 40 mph zone, with expired registration, and cited the driver.

• A Lopez deputy stopped a motorist on Fisherman Bay Road and issued the driver a ticket for speeding.

• An Orcas resident turned herself in at the local substation for an outstanding warrant. Bail was posted and the subject was released with a court date.

• A San Juan Island deputy investigated a report of “malicious mischief” due to the unwanted trimming of brush along the roadway.

• A San Juan Island deputy arrived near Grover Street to investigate three dogs at large. The dogs’ owner was contacted.

• A deputy responded to an Eastsound resident’s report of cash being stolen from inside the resident’s house. The deputy observed no sign of forced entry or evidence left behind. A report was made.

June 24

• Deputies responded to a Friday Harbor apartment to investigate a domestic dispute. They found a female pounding on the door but the male did not want contact. Deputies escorted the female away.

• A Lopez deputy stopped and ticketed two different motorists for speeding on Fisherman Bay Road within 30 minutes of each other.

• A Lopez deputy stopped and cited a California woman for running the stop sign on Dill Road, near Fisherman Bay Road.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a vandalism call. Photographs were taken and a report was written, but there are no current suspects.

• Lopez deputies were dispatched to a residence for a reported theft of antique coins. The coins were located and deputies helped mediate a dispute that occurred.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of an intoxicated person trying to drive. The deputy discovered that the person had been ordered by the court not to drink. A report was sent to probation.

• Deputies investigated loud music at a San Juan Island residence. The resident delayed lowering the music, forcing deputies to stay for hours. A notice of infraction was issued.

June 25

• A Lopez man reported that his vehicle was damaged by a hit-and-run collision while parked at the Lopez Ferry Terminal since June 22. A report was taken.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a DUI. The driver was contacted and arrested for DUI.

• An Orcas deputy took a report of a hit-and-run incident. Witnesses reportedly saw a vehicle strike a parked vehicle and continue without leaving information. The investigation continues.

June 26

• A deputy was dispatched to a report of harassment in Friday Harbor. An informational report was taken.

• Lopez deputies were dispatched to a domestic dispute. Parties were separated and a report was taken.

June 27

• Money was left at an ATM and turned in to the sheriff’s office, along with the withdrawal receipt to help locate the owner.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a report of a found wallet in Eastsound. It is suspected the wallet belongs to a tourist and attempts are being made to return it.

• A Lopez deputy delivered a message to a client of an off-island state agency.

• A Friday Harbor resident reported a phone call from an insurance salesman. Yet, the caller ID showed it was one of the citizen’s friends. An informational report was taken.

• An Orcas deputy arrested a local subject at the ferry terminal for two local warrants. The subject was transported to the jail by the patrol boat.

• A Lopez deputy issued a motorist a speeding ticket after he saw her speeding on Fisherman Bay Road.

• A deputy received property from a Lopez resident, who found it in the Lopez Village Market parking lot. The deputy is attempting to locate the owner.

• An Orcas deputy received a call regarding a non-injury accident that had occurred in Moran State Park. The parties had swapped information and a report was taken.