Orcas teen charged with drug possession

Aiden McGregor, 18, of Olga, was charged with possession of MDMA (ecstasy) on March 13 in San Juan County Superior Court.

According to the determination of probable cause, at approximately 10:17 a.m. on March 12, a deputy responded to Orcas Island High School in reference to a student using drugs in a classroom.

McGregor allegedly sprinkled some “white stuff” out of an Altoids can onto a desk and used rolled-up cash to inhale the substance into his nose. School staff called the sheriff’s office. McGregor reportedly denied using drugs on school property, and the deputy had him empty his pockets.

McGregor set two bags of tobacco, a lighter and cash on the table, including a rolled-up $20 bill, the deputy’s report said. He allegedly claimed the rolled up bill was how he usually carries his money, and he also had two wadded-up dollar bills in his pocket. McGregor reportedly explained that he had just broken a $5 bill and that was his change.

The deputy asked if that was everything in McGregor’s pockets, to which he allegedly replied, “Mostly.” He agreed when the deputy asked to search the rest of his pockets.

According to the probable cause document, the deputy found an Altoids can in McGregor’s front pocket. Inside the can was a plastic screw-top container with a blueish white powdery substance inside. McGregor allegedly admitted to the deputy that the powder was ecstasy mixed with prescription medication. A field test verified the substance as ecstasy.

An additional chunk of a white substance was reportedly found inside a small Zip-close bag. The substance had been chipped into smaller pieces. Without testing, the deputy was unable to determine what it was.

McGregor was placed under arrest for violation of controlled substance and transported to jail in Friday Harbor. He has no previous criminal record. His arraignment was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on March 25.