Notable Children’s Books

  • Tue Jun 17th, 2008 4:45pm
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by Cindy Gugich, Lopez School Librarian

Ages three and up: Zen Ties written and illustrated by Jon J. Muth, $17.99.

In this sequel to the Caldecott Honor winner Zen Shorts, Stillwater, the Giant Panda, is joined by his visiting nephew who speaks only in haiku poetry. Together with Stillwater’s young friends, they show kindness to a grumpy, elderly neighbor and she responds in turn by helping one of them. Muth’s soft watercolors reflect the gentle message of how to practice love in a difficult situation.

Grades K-5: The One Hundredth Day of School!, written by Abby Klein and illustrated by John McKinley, paperback, $3.99.

Kids love a good series and Scholastic’s Ready, Freddy! books are right up an elementary kid’s alley, er, hallway. One Hundredth Day is the 13th and most recent addition in the ongoing saga of Freddy Thresher and finds him wracking his brain to collect 100 of something for a class project. He decides on 100 shark trading cards but only has 21. How will he be able to chew enough bubble gum to get another 79? Does he have enough money? Can he hatch the perfect plan? Hidden words along with Freddy’s Fun Pages in the back of the book are an added bonus.

Young Adult/Adult: The Glass Castle, written by Jeannette Walls, Paperback, $15; hardcover, $25.

Award-winning author and MSNBC contributor Jeanette Walls has written a memoir that not only astonishes adults, but as it turns out, connects with teens as well. In a remarkable story of unconditional love, Walls reveals her life growing up in a family that gives the word “dysfunctional” a whole new meaning. Still, she manages to help us see past the destructive years and focuses us instead on the loyalty that bound them to each other. The story of how the siblings survived their childhood ruled by a brilliant, alcoholic father and artistic but neglectful mother is a must read (if you haven’t already).

The Lopez School Library’s book recommendations are also available at Islehaven Books.