New storage for community center

  • Mon Apr 7th, 2008 8:57pm
  • News

Finding extra space for storage has been an ongoing issue for your community center (LCCA), particularly when hosting large productions such as the wonderful community-produced plays.

The LCCA Board of Trustees has pondered solutions for more storage and are in the early stages of developing a longer term plan for an addition to the main building that would not only add storage space but could also add meeting, rehearsal, dressing room, and utility space.

Meanwhile, your Board of Trustees have also considered options for temporary storage to help address immediate needs, such as storage of the bulky, heavy riser system that are now stored miles away from the center in rented storage space. After considering a number of options, the board decided that two surplus 20’ long storage containers would be very cost effective and would provide timely relief for storage of the riser system and other immediate storage needs, such as art display items used for the Lopez Artist Guild’s ongoing shows at LCCA.

One important characteristic and significant downside of containers is that they are ugly.

As one might expect I’ve already heard a few opinions and some suggestions, particularly regarding the “Ugly Factor.” The Board of Trustees knew from the start that we would have to do something to “beautify” the container approach and it is becoming abundantly clear that an artful paint job will not be enough. The best location for new storage is just outside the backstage doors. With this placement the containers would be most visible from the street and the new Adult Family Homes.

Board members and others have already offered some excellent suggestions on addressing the Ugly Factor, but we could always use more input.

We will be finalizing the plan on “beautifying” the containers at our next regular Board meeting.

A big thank you to Northland Services who have donated the containers to the Lopez Community Center! I’m confident that we can use our Lopez creativity to make them an interesting, useful, and visually acceptable solution to your center’s short term storage needs. We can be proud that RECYCLING these containers is the right thing to do for a whole lot of good reasons, including improving your community center.

Questions or want to help with this project? Call me at 468-3152 or send me an email