Minney and Wolf lead council election

Christine Minney and Cindy Wolf won the November 2020 election to represent San Juan and Orcas islands on the San Juan County Council for the next four years. Their terms begin in January 2021.

“I want to extend my sincere thanks to all of my campaign supporters, volunteers and staff, and especially to the voters, for electing me as San Juan County Council Member from District 2. I am honored that you put your trust in me to help lead our wonderful county through this difficult time.

“My opponent conceded the race, and I would like to congratulate him on his campaign. Rick, I know you’ll continue to do good work and give back to our county. Thank you for your eight years of service.

“We built an amazing coalition from the grassroots and I need you all to stay engaged as we move forward. There will be lots of opportunities to continue to make your voices heard and to participate in our democracy as our economy and our communities continue to recover from the pandemic.

“Change truly starts at the local level and I look forward to what we can accomplish together to make sure the San Juan Islands continue to be a safe, healthy, thriving place to live and work for the generations to come,” Wolf said.

Minney released the following statement regarding her win: “I am joyous and honored to have been elected to serve on the SJ County Council, District 1.

“I am grateful for the community’s support and trust that I am a good fit to represent all islanders. I look forward to working with my fellow council members, the county administrator and county staff for the betterment of our Islands’ and its citizens.

“Thank you to my campaign supporters and campaign team, it was a great several months establishing relationships that will have positive impacts for years to come.

“Thank you to my co-candidate, Ryan, I appreciate your investment in our community and environment.

“Lastly, I am ever fortunate for my cheerleader family that allows and encourages me to be the very best that I can be.

“I am mindful and reverent of the blessing that is living in the San Juan Islands.”

Of the 14,605 registered voters in San Juan County, 13,085 ballots have been counted and an estimated 100 ballots remain. The next count is 3:30 p.m., Nov. 5. The voter turnout is estimated to be 89.59 percent.

In the race for San Juan County Council District 1, Minney beat Ryan Palmateer with a total of 5,992 votes, 51.61 percent. Palmateer currently has 5,585, 48.11 percent.

For San Juan County Council District 2, Wolf beat incumbent Rick Hughes with 6,201, 52.39 percent, to Hughes’ 5,612 votes, 47.35 percent.

“… I would like to congratulate Cindy Wolf and her team for running a good campaign and for the victory. I wish Cindy and San Juan County the best in the future.

“I would like to thank the community for the honor and privilege to serve San Juan County over the last eight years. Thank you to my friends and supporters during this campaign, all the letters of support and encouragement were humbling. I will miss the work and the opportunity to serve, but it has been a good run. Thank you to my campaign team, as you all have inspired me, been amazingly kind and have done such great work.

“Serving San Juan County has been the best experience of my life. Thank you to each and everyone in the county.

“Be safe and you have my gratitude,” Hughes said on Nov. 4.

Palmateer released a letter stating, “I want to thank all of the voters who supported me in my not quite successful effort to become the San Juan County Council member from District 1. I also want to thank all the folks who helped me with my campaign. We’d never have gotten so close without you. I’m truly grateful to all of you, voters and volunteers, for your confidence in me.

“I’ve extended my congratulations to my opponent, Christine Minney, and told her that I’m available to help her with those issues in which I have knowledge and experience, particularly dealing with climate change and renewable energy.

“I want to assure all of you that I’m not going anywhere. I intend to remain actively engaged in the issues that prompted me to run for council. In addition to the two I’ve mentioned, they include affordable housing, diversifying our local economy and supporting and expanding local agriculture.

“Thank you again for your help and support.”

For Charter Review District 1 Commissioner, the nine elected commissioners are Dave Anderson (2,777 votes, 7.36 percent); Bill Appel (2,412 votes, 6.39 percent); Kyle Davies (3,315 votes, 8.78 percent); David Dehlendorf (2,647 votes, 7.01 percent); Paul Dossett (2,811 votes, 7.45 percent); Patty Garcia (3,047 votes, 8.07 percent); Richard Grout (2,429 votes, 6.44 percent); Maureen See (3,406 votes, 9.02 percent); Thomas Starr (3,307 votes, 8.76 percent).

For Charter Review District 2 Commissioner, the six elected commissioners are Sharon Abreu (1,967 votes, 10.06 percent); Janet Brownell (2,553 votes, 13.05 percent); Tony P. Ghazel (1,888 votes, 9.66 percent); Kevin Ranker (2,307 votes, 11.80 percent); Olivia Roseberry (2,635 votes, 13.48 percent); and Anne Marie Shanks (2,062 votes, 10.55 percent).

For Charter Review District 3 Commissioner, the three elected commissioners are Jane Fuller (1,328 votes, 25.38 percent); Liz Lafferty (1,240 votes, 23.70 percent); Robert A. O’Connell (1,052 votes, 20.11 percent).

Kathryn C. Loring ran unopposed to maintain her seat as San Juan Superior Court Judge.

On Lopez, the Solid Waste Disposal District’s annual levy renewal passed with 1,545 votes, 83.56 percent.


Results are for San Juan County only; state results will vary. To view the statewide election results, visit https://results.vote.wa.gov/results/20201103/.

Washington State Governor incumbent Jay Inslee, a Democrat, won in San Juan County with 9,501 votes, 73.58 percent. His opponent, Republican Loren Culp trails with 3,389 votes, 26.25 percent.

In the race for Washington State Lt. Governor, between the two Democrats who are running, Marko Liias won SJC with 5,375 votes, 46.82 percent in San Juan County to Denny Heck’s 4,497 votes, 40.04 percent.

Washington State Secretary of State incumbent Republican Kim Wyman trailed behind her Democrat challenger Gael Tarleton in SJC with 4,594 votes, 36.52 percent, to Tarleton’s 7,970, 63.42 percent.

Democrat Mike Pellicciotti won against incumbent Duane A. Davidson in San Juan County for Washington State Treasurer. Pellicciotti has 8,751 votes, 70.35 percent to Davidson’s 3,681 votes, 29.59 percent.

For the position of Washington State Auditor, incumbent Democrat Patrice McCarthy won in San Juan County with 9,125 votes, 73.64 percent to Republican Chris Leyba’s 3,261 votes, 26.32 percent.

In the running for Washington State Attorney General, incumbent Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, won in SJC with 9,163 votes, 72.77 percent, against Republican challenger Matt Larkin, who has 3,420 votes, 27.16 percent.

Incumbent Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands, Democrat Hilary Franz, won in San Juan County with 9,101 votes, 73.26 percent against her Republican rival Sue Kuehl Pederson, who has 3,314 votes, 26.68 percent

In the race for Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction, incumbent Chris Reykdal won in SJC with 6,884 votes, 61.62 percent. His opponent, Maia Espinoza has 4,256 votes, 38.1 percent

Incumbent Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, a Democrat, won in San Juan County with 9,501 votes, 78.12 percent against his Republican opponent Chirayu Avinash Patel, who has 2,627 votes, or 21.6 percent.

Washington State Senator for District 40 incumbent Liz Lovelett, a Democrat, won in San Juan County with 9,461 votes, 75.55 percent Lovelett’s opponent, republican Charles Carrell is currently sitting with 3,059 votes, 24.43 percent.

For Washington State Representative for District 40 Position 1, the incumbent, Democrat Debra Lekanoff, ran unopposed and currently has 9,689 votes, 97.14 percent, in San Juan County.

Alex Ramel, the Democrat incumbent for the second Washington State Representative for District 40, won in SJC with 9,152 votes, 74.21 percent. His opponent, Republican Russ Dzialo, trails with 3,172 votes, 25.72 percent.

Washington State Referendum Measure No. 90: Approved with 9,052 votes, 72.24 percent.

Washington State Advisory Vote No. 32: Maintained with 6,601 votes, 56.09 percent.

Washington State Advisory Vote No. 33: Maintained with 6,276 votes, 54.16 percent.

Washington State Advisory Vote No. 34: Maintained with 6,017 votes, 52.86 percent.

Washington State Advisory Vote. No. 35: Maintained with 6,869 votes, 59.27 percent.

Washington State Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution No. 8212: Approved with 6,070 votes, 51.59 percent.


Results are for San Juan County only; state and federal results will vary.

In the presidential election, Democrat Joseph R. Biden won San Juan County with 9,606 votes, 73.92 percent. Incumbent Republican Donald J. Trump is trailing with 2,994 votes, 23.04 percent. Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen received 202 votes, 1.55 percent.

For Congressional District 2 U.S. Representative, incumbent Democrat Rick Larsen won in San Juan County with 9,482 votes, 74.78 percent, with Republican Timothy S. Hazelo receiving 3,155 votes, 24.88 percent.