Lopez votes yes for hospital district

It is a landslide win with 85.82 percent of Lopezians voting for the creation of a Public Hospital District during the April 25 special election. More than 940 people voted for the district while fewer than 160 opposed it.

Christa Campbell, Rebecca Presley, Iris Graville, James Orcutt and Albert Berger were all elected to serve on the district’s board of commissioners. Campbell, Graville and Berger all ran unopposed.

Presley earned 64.29 percent (569 votes) of the vote, beating out George LeBoutillier who had 17.4 percent (154 votes) and Phil Paige who had 18.31 percent (162 votes).

Orcutt won with 58.26 percent (536 votes), beating Kirman Taylor who got 41.74 percent (384 votes).