Lopez Hill brush fire

Submitted by San Juan County Land Bank

On the afternoon of Thursday, Aug. 3, a fire was discovered on Lopez Hill. After locating the fire within the 400-acre preserve, Lopez Fire and Emergency Services volunteers and paramedics quickly contained the blaze, deployed about half a mile of hose and put the fire out. Thanks to their quick actions and the calm weather, the fire was kept at about 50-feet by 50-feet. The cause of the fire is yet undetermined, but its location along a main trail indicates that people likely had a role in starting it.

“Lopez Fire and Emergency Services was quick to respond to the call, and was able to prevent the fire from spreading,” explained Land Bank Director Lincoln Bormann. “We are very grateful to the department, and the individuals who worked to extinguisvh, mop-up, and monitor after the fire.”

Please remember, all Land Bank Preserve lands are “day use only”, with camping, fires, and off-trail use prohibited. As we head into the heat of August, community awareness, and diligence in calling 911 to report smoke or fire, is vital.

Detailed information regarding wildfire prevention and awareness is available from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources website (www.dnr.wa.gov).