Lopez Community Land Trust plans for three new homes in Lopez Village in 2018

Submitted by Lopez Community Land Trust

This summer, Lopez Community Land Trust is applying for funds to build three new homes on land we own in Lopez Village. First we need to extend the Salish Way driveway to be ready by spring of 2018 to begin construction.

On May 10 we participate with other non-profits in the GiveBig campaign. Through the generosity of Islanders Bank, Liz &Jon Lange, Microsoft Employers Matching Campaign and four additional anonymous donors we have a $6,000 matching pool. We invite you to visit www.givebigseattle.org/lopezcommunitylandtrust and help us reach our match.

Twenty years ago, when adopting the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, the citizens of San Juan County created a vision for the future. It included the goal to “foster a sense of neighborliness and community pride so that there is housing for people of all incomes.” Efforts to date have fallen short. Although we have almost one home per person in San Juan County, we are deficient in access to affordable homes for working residents and people on fixed incomes. Many working households are only able to afford half the cost of the County’s median home price of $450,000. The situation has reached a crisis.

A friend called recently and stated that he wanted to retire. He set his retirement in motion 10 years ago. And yet he has not been able to entice a young family to move to the islands to take over his business. He discovered, along with other members of the business community, that the number one reason is a lack of access to housing.

As a community we understand the importance of sustainable, affordable housing. We envision a thriving, healthy community with safe housing options for all who live here, including those who work, whether seasonally or full-time, as well as those who are on fixed incomes.

The Lopez community continues to be generous and forward thinking. The Give Big campaign on May 10 is a perfect opportunity to help achieve the extension of Salish Way through its matching funds. Help us get down the road so that in 2018 we can once again begin more homes.