Limited licensing services, Aug. 26-Sept. 3

Online licensing services are unavailable from Sunday, Aug. 26, through Monday, Sept. 3; and state licensing offices will be closed Friday, Aug. 31, through Monday, Sept.3. As a result, many county licensing offices – including San Juan County’s – will also be closed Friday, Aug. 31. Normal services will resume on Sept. 4.

The Department of Licensing (DOL) is upgrading its systems over Labor Day weekend to better protect information and add some new features.

The Driver and Vehicle System project (DRIVES) is a 4-year effort to upgrade the state’s driver and vehicle technology systems. DRIVES R2, to upgrade driver licensing technology, is the second in a series of overhauls to the legacy systems. DRIVES R1, which updated vehicle licensing systems, was implemented in December 2016. A third project, DRIVES R3, to upgrade business and professional licensing systems, will begin later this year.

Once complete, DOL will have the ability to:

• Provide DOL staff and vehicle licensing business partners better processes

• Provide more accurate records to law enforcement

• Implement new initiatives faster

• Increase system reliability and reduce downtime

• Develop and support new business processes

New features!

The system will also bring new features for customers. Here are some of the things you will soon be able to do from the comfort of your own home:

• Change your driver license to an ID card. No longer want to drive? You’ll be able to easily switch to an ID card online.

• Lost your license? You’ll be able to replace a lost license even if you have a CDL (some restrictions may apply).

• Apply for a restricted license.

• Pre-apply for an Enhanced Driver License. Start your paperwork online before you even enter an office!

Questions? Need help?

• For general questions, email

• DRIVES Support Command Center: 360-664-9698 or