LICC ready for another summer of outdoor work

  • Mon Apr 7th, 2008 8:57pm
  • News

Hey everybody, we are going to have another good year of working outdoors with the Lopez Island Conservation Corps (LICC).

Nick Teague, Bureau of Land Management, and I formed the LICC last year and we worked on the trails at Chadwick Hill, Hummel Lake, Chadwick Marsh, and cleared noxious weeds at Watmough Bay and Patos Island. We had a great time and great success, thanks to those who donated money, food and time. In addition to the kind support, the LICC would like to give a special thanks to the Lopez Senior Center for providing transportation for our entire work session last summer.

If you need service hours this is a really good way to get them. If you just want to be a part of an environmentally friendly organization then here’s your chance. The San Juans are truly amazing. There are so many sites to be seen, but many times there is no way to see them. I hope the LICC can fix this problem by getting you out there to be a part of these sites.

We will be working on preserving habitats, noxious weed removal, clearing trails, maintaining trails and much more. Each member will be involved in learning how to use tools properly and safely, how to be safe, and most importantly, how to have a memorable experience.

This Conservation Corps will hopefully create a group of friends that are willing to get outside and help the community. Nick and I are hoping to create long-term partnerships and sponsors with local businesses in the community. These bonds will be very useful to both parties. The LICC can provide public services and the partners can provide tools, equipment, time, contacts and as always, food.

We only have enough gear for 10 youth to work for the Conservation Corps. If you are interested in helping or joining the LICC please call Nick Teague at 468-3754 or Josh Cook at 468-4934 (

The LICC will have a presence at the Conservation Summit on Earth Day if you would like to come and see what we have going on.

Please RSVP to Nick or me by April 16. We will have a meeting on April 22 to plan for a work schedule and discuss summer opportunities.

Josh Cook attends Lopez High School.